Posted 28/08/2019 13:41:29

So lets go back to the beginning of last week; to the 9th of January where this phase all began. 0900 and the trailer was collected - we hired a trailer, as the 44ft, twin deck, race trailer seemed a little excessive to transport a single car to a motor show.

The car was ready, with just some stickers left to apply...or so we thought!

What can I say, I'm a pain in the ....... and all night was spent applying stickers, re-printing and re-applying as I changed my mind over and over, but at 4:30am, on the 10th of January, the car was ready. Wow! What a car, the Team 247 car was finally together, and it looked amazing.

In the trailer and up to Birmingham for the unveiling and four days of the Autosport International Car Racing Show. What a reception, we arrived with enthusiasm from everyone we came into contact with. "What a lovely car!", "doesn't it look amazing?", the positive comments rang around the car like bees around honey and the excitement grew as the opening came ever closer!

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