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Alarms & Monitoring

At 24hr Solutions we understand the importance of safety and security.

Thats why, in 2019, we opened our very own alarm monitoring and receiving centre. This new centre can monitor signals from all aspects of alarms including:

  • Intruder
  • Fire
  • Lone worker
  • Personal Safety

Whats more, its all managed by the 24hr Solutions service standards you know and want. Thats why, unlike other stations, we have dedicated our time and effort into simplifying a complex service.... One number, One control room, One Company.... No Problems, Only Solutions!

Intruder alarms need servicing. We can offer you solutions at one off costs to you, even if the alarm was not installed by us. We can also repair or replace parts of the system to get it up and running. We can repair and service any manufactures, makes and models of systems. You can also choose one of our maintenance packages at the time of purchasing an alarm from us.

  • Regular servicing helps to maintain the performance of an alarm system.
  • Fitted Home Alarms provide alarm maintenance service for residential properties.
  • Regular servicing of an alarm system ensures the system's reliability and durability.
  • Most alarms needs service once a year.
  • It is sensible and cost effective to have regular alarm services done than to have breakdown repairs.

We know safety is important, so give us a call today and see how we can help with piece of mind.

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