Is your site as safe as you think?

24hr Solutions teams were out in force as confined space, tanker and drains, water and scientific support department all merged on a site in London.

The teams were working with a client on engineering support services to control the risks from exposure to Legionella in man made water systems and these ones were in very hard to access loft spaces.

One of the engineers said 'it was a tough few days, very hot, very tight spaces, very hard but rewarding when it was done.'

Now the science: The genus Legionella is a pathogenic group of Gram-negative bacteria that includes the species L. pneumophila, causing legionellosis including a pneumonia-type illness called Legionnaires' disease and a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever.

As an employer, or someone responsible for the control of premises (including landlords) you should ensure you:
- know what you must do to comply with the law
- reviewing what you do
- landlords' responsibilities

The HSE give good guidance on the subject, as does the support services of 24hr Solutions. 

In this case, the client used the support services of 24hr Solutions to provide engineering services and cleaned the tanks with no issues, impact or disruption. 


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