Posted 30/07/2020 15:44:11

IP Solutions from 24hr Solutions brings a new dimension to facilities management operations.

IP Solutions from 24hr Solutions brings a new dimension to facilities management operations.

As COVID19 hit globally and the repercussions hit the world, operational procedures for a multitude of services had to change and be fast tracked to ensure COVID-19 compliance….. and 24hr Solutions have done just that!

Fast tracking their initial 2021 release date of the IP Solutions brand, 24hr Solutions has brought to market the ultimate in facilities management and monitoring under one roof and with one key element in mind – cost saving!

By utilising the work that Global Alarm Monitoring (24hr Solutions sister US brand) does, and the forward thinking IT team of 24hr Solutions Head Office here in the UK, 24hr Solutions new brand ‘IP Solutions’ promises to bring the best in Monitoring to the Facilities Management Market.


Phil Turner, Director of the 24hr Solutions Group said, ‘the ability to remote monitor has always been possible, but its always been through awfully expensive channels. The age of specific BMS monitoring stations is now being challenged by the New IP Solutions monitoring and it’s getting everyone to question what they pay and how works are carried out’.

‘We are confident in our new systems and what’s more, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it highlighted when engineers need to be onsite and when that interaction can and sometimes needs to be avoided’.

The new IP Solutions equipment is now available through the 24hr Solutions Property Building and Facilities Management team and covers aspects such as water temp testing, emergency lighting, boiler and pump control faults, damp and leak detection as well as still catering for the traditional CCTV, Access control, Intruder and Fire alarms.

For more information on how the system works please contact the 24hr Solutions office on +44 (0) 208 819 3117 or email

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