Posted 08/03/2020 18:41:30

Advance Monitoring Technology Available for 24hr Solutions

New deal done this week makes Advance Monitoring Technology available for 24hr Solutions as leader in its field.

With technology development moving at an extreme rate, its important for any company to keep up with the times. 24hr Solutions, however, have gone one step further and got ahead of the game, with partnership suppliers enabling the 24hr Monitoring Centre to receive digital signals from all aspects of Facilities Management, Equipment, Building Management Systems, Control Systems, Security Systems, Personal Alarms, Welfare Alarms and more.

This new take on monitoring means 24hr Solutions can offer its clients an endless range of monitoring abilities through the digital platform it runs. This in turn makes 24hr Solutions the most versatile and adaptable monitoring station of the present day, always keeping one step ahead.

For more info on the monitoring ranges 24hr Solutions offer, please call their UK control room on 0845 544 2842 or email

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