Posted 05/02/2020 11:34:04

In a recent survey, the gap in FM/PPM software and therefore the management and reporting systems for the end user is huge with some service providers either not reporting anything whilst others make reports so complicated that they cannot be read or accessed when required.

24hr Solutions have spent the past 5 years working hard on developing systems that ensure end user reporting is of both high level whilst being easy to read and accessible when required. The new 2020 system upgrades have seen this excel even further with new online reporting systems, online IP communication, site software coms links as well as hardware remote access and monitoring.

The key with the new IT systems within 24hr Solutions is ensuring the value gap doesn't choke value delivery. With this in mind, 24hr Solutions have the facilities to incorporate all aspects of FM and PPM to a digital medium whilst ensuring the companies and clients only pay for what they actually need and not pay for what they don't need.

Why not speak to one of our PPM Project Managers and see how our solutions can help you.

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