Phil Turner

Company Director
In 1999 Phil Turner set out with a vision to build the ultimate engineering company that would lead the industry in service, safety and innovation. 24hr Solutions LTD is now internationally recognised throughout the market as a premiere engineering company.

Phil has worked closely with all his clients to provide engineering experience on some of the toughest engineering jobs and deadlines. Unlike traditional businesses which focused around the 9-5 Phil identified a boom in the ability to call upon specialist engineers in transport, vehicle repair and recovery; property and building maintenance 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Erin Vanner

General Manager
Erin is a very important part of the 24hr dynamic, providing support to Phil and all department managers. Having worked previously for a large private equity company with diverse investment portfolio she knows very well the importance of good human relations and customer interaction.

Armed with a clear understanding of Phils vision, she has helped navigate the business into a strong position within the market supporting new equipment procurement, contract negotiation and expansion around Europe.